Risk Management Roundtables

Risk Management Roundtables are held quarterly to discuss ideas, share best practices, and vet ideas, products, and outside vendors. Meetings are not exclusive to SCR members. We welcome you to invite Risk Managers and HR Personnel from your districts to attend these meetings.

Date Download
HR Risk Management Roundtable PacketSep 22, 2017Download
Risk Management Roundtable PacketJun 16, 2017Download
EPL Risk Management Roundtable PacketMar 17, 2017Download
EPL Risk Management Roundtable NotesMar 17, 2017Download
EPL & Risk Management Roundtable PacketSep 23, 2016Download
EPL & Risk Management Roundtable NotesSep 23, 2016Download
Risk Management Roundtable PacketJun 17, 2016Download
Risk Management Roundtable NotesJun 17, 2016Download
EPL Roundtable PacketMar 18, 2016Download
M&O Roundtable PacketDec 18, 2015Download
HR Roundtable PacketSep 25, 2015Download
M&O Roundtable NotesJun 19, 2015Download
Risk Management Roundtable NotesMar 20, 2015Download
Risk Management Roundtable NotesDec 19, 2014Download
Risk Management Roundtable NotesSep 22, 2014Download
Risk Management Roundtable NotesJun 13, 2014Download
Risk Management RoundtableMar 14, 2014Download
Risk Management RoundtableDec 13, 2013Download
Risk Management RoundtableSep 20, 2013Download
Risk Management RoundtableJun 07, 2013Download
Risk Management RoundtableMar 12, 2013Download
Handouts and Presentations
Date Download
Tree Case Management - Risk Management & Tree RetentionJun 16, 2017Download
Sampling Guidance - Testing Water for LeadJun 16, 2017Download
Root PruningJun 16, 2017Download
Greg Monfette - Selective Root RemovalJun 16, 2017Download
Cathie Fields - Student Photos on Social MediaJun 16, 2017Download
Ben Kollmeyer - Lead, Schools & Water QualityJun 16, 2017Download
LCW - EPL How to Avoid Liability or LawsuitsMar 17, 2017Download
Tate Lounsbery - Mandated Reporter TrainingSep 23, 2016Download
Top Ten Reasons Why My Emergency Plan Might Be OutdatedJun 17, 2016Download
KSSAlert vs. WeTipJun 17, 2016Download
Keenan Safe Schools - Online Course DevelopmentsJun 17, 2016Download
Diane Cranley - CSA Prevention TrainingJun 17, 2016Download
Charlie Wund - Concussion Management - InjureFreeJun 17, 2016Download
SEWUP Loss Control Winter Bulletin - Focus on El NinoDec 18, 2015Download
Public Works Construction PresentationDec 18, 2015Download
Professional Liability Sample LanguageDec 18, 2015Download
Key Provisions to Include in Your Agency's Public Works ContractsDec 18, 2015Download
Insurance Requirements for Construction ContractsDec 18, 2015Download
Jill Williams - Internal InvestigationsSep 25, 2015Download
Aaron ODonnell - Title IX & K-12Sep 25, 2015Download
Moreno Valley USD SOP for Inclement WeatherJun 19, 2015Download
Ben Kollmeyer - Environmental Health UpdateJun 19, 2015Download
Maria Aarvig - E-BullyingMar 20, 2015Download
Malina Thiem - Garden Grove USD Surveillance Cameras Best PracticesMar 20, 2015Download
Lisa Coffman - What Are Kids Up to These Days?Mar 20, 2015Download
Kathy Espinoza - KSS & Mandatory Reporter TrainingMar 20, 2015Download
Brian Erdelyi - Security and Vulnerability DiscussionMar 20, 2015Download
Brian Erdelyi - K-12 School Security ChecklistMar 20, 2015Download
Brian Erdelyi - Frequently Asked Questions - School Security GuardMar 20, 2015Download
Courtney Hylton - Why All This TrainingMar 14, 2014Download
Jill Williams - The Delicate BalanceSep 20, 2013Download