Excess Liability

So Cal ReLiEF provides excess liability coverage to K-12 public schools in Southern California through a combination of self-insurance and transferred mechanisms, mainly reinsurance. SCR currently self-insures its members’ claims up to a limit of $1 million on liability claims. Members choose Member Retained Limits (MRLs) between $5,000 and $250,000 per loss. The Authority purchases reinsurance to cover claims that exceed its self-insured retention.


SAFER was formed as a non-profit, member-owned and operated California Joint Powers Authority in 2002 to provide excess property coverage to Northern California ReLiEF (NCR), Southern California ReLiEF (SCR) and Statewide Association of Community College (SWACC) member districts. This consolidation of loss exposure was done to leverage the market and further spread the risk of loss, which has largely been transferred to the reinsurance market.

All SCR members have coverage through SAFER for excess property up to SAFER’s limits and excess liability coverage up to $25,000,000. There is also an optional excess liability coverage layer of $25M x/s $25M.