Your Duties as a Member

One of the many things that set ReLiEF apart from other risk pools is the fact that every one of our members has a seat on the Board of Directors. The duties a Board Member agrees to abide by when called into the position of leadership fall into 3 categories:

Duty of Care:

  • Discharge duties with the care that an ordinary, prudent person in a like situation would under similar circumstances
  • Need not always be right, but act with common sense and informed judgment

Duty of Loyalty:

  • Undivided allegiance to advance and protect the interests of the risk pool.
  • A fiduciary standard of utmost good faith. Highest standard of care.
  • Must put the interests of the risk pool ahead of the interests of his or her own public agency.
  • Obligation to advance and protect the interests of the pool, even if it means an increased cost to the membership.

Duty of Obedience:

  • Obligation to be faithful to the risk pools Mission and Goals
  • Must comply with all federal and state laws, and governing documents.